HC Hydraulics & Pneumatics Meyerton

    Hydraulics Services

    Distributor of Hansa-Flex

    Suppliers of CEF, Quick Brake, Vivolo


     – Hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, Teflon hoses, multipurpose low pressure hoses, metallic   hoses, thermoplastic hoses, sewer cleaning hoses, hose protection

     – Hydraulic fittings (hose end), adaptors, quick release couplers, pushlock fittings

     – Pressure gauges, filters, flanges, gear pumps, piston pumps, hydraulic motors, bell housing, couplings, manifold blocks, hydraulic accessories, hydraulic tank accessories

     – Mono block valves, sectional valves, ball valves, check valves, flow control valves, relief valves, secondary valves, dop valves

     – Coolers, accumulators, actuators

     – Steel tubing, clamps


     – Hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, accumulators, hydraulic valves, manifold blocks, hydraulic power packs, coolers, actuators, hydraulic cylinders


     – Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power packs, all types of hoses, tubing and piping (rubber, PTFE, thermoplastic, etc), brake hoses


     – Field services, fault finding, diagnostics, repairs on hydraulic systems for fixed and mobile plant equipment

     – Install new hydraulic systems on trucks, side tippers and slopers

    Pneumatics Services

    Suppliers of Sote, Dingle, Festo


     – Brass fittings, nylon tubing, air gauges, lubricators, water traps, air connectors

     – Air cylinders, air valves, air switches, air couplers, suzi coils


     – Air cylinders


     – Air cylinders

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