GB Diesel Meyerton


    We repair and recon all CRD ( Common Rail ) & Normal Diesel Pumps & Injectors To Perfection

    We also do services on all vehicles

    Mechanical repairs on all diesel vehicles from engine to gearbox to wheel bearings

    Full diagnostics on all makes and models

    See below for some of our great prices

    Reckoned Diesel pumps on service exchange

    Isuzu‬ , 250D, 280D & 2.5 Comp, ‪‎Mazda‬/Ford 2.5 WL, ‪‎Hyundai‬
    2.6 (Turbo & non Turbo), ‪‎Colt‬ 2.8N, ‪Kia‬ K2700, Nissan 2.7D.

    Reckoned injectors on service exchange 

    Mazda/Ford 2.5,Hyundai, ‪‎Nissan‬, Kia. Isuzu

    reckoned injectors on exchange 

    Repair of diesel pumps, injectors (CRD Injectors as well).

    Reckoned Mazda/Ford 2.5WL Diesel-pump & Injectors on service

    CRD Injectors on service exchange

    Minor car services 

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